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Esterlab Shipping agency Co.

Company Information

  • Company Name: Esterlab Shipping agency Co.
  • City/Province: Tripoli Tripoli
  • Country: LIBYA
  • Address: Alwaha Complex
  • Category Activities: Esterlab Shipping Agency Co. is one of the major privately owned shipping agents in the Libyan local market with head office in Tripoli , branches at Benghazi , Misurata and Khoms. Esterlab Shipping Agency Co. human resources are the most valuable asset; we can offer you through our dedicated staff the expertise and the shipping knowledge. Esterlab Shipping Agency Co. is the shipping company that specializes in moving your product between Libyan ports and just about anywhere. Together with our parent company MSC, Esterlab Shipping Agency Co is able to offer shipping services to all worldwide destinations, including Europe, Mediterranean, North Africa, Pacific Islands , North America, Asia and many other places. The MSC Group is a global carrier operating in all major East/West and North/South trade lanes. We also offer all types of containers at your disposal to transport your goods.

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