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ZUMIT Ancient Hotel & Restaurant - Built in 1816...

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  • Company Name: ZUMIT Ancient Hotel & Restaurant - Built in 1816...
  • City/Province: Tripoli Tripoli
  • Country: LIBYA
  • Address: Marcus Aurelius Arch Square . Tripoli Old Town
  • Category Activities: Used since the Ottoman period as a rendezvous for caravan merchants travelling from North Africa & beyond the Sahara. It is located near Tripoli harbour & the Arch of Marcus Aurelius. Recently restored; it consists of 2 levels facing onto an intimate courtyard in the traditional style with Arabic cushion lounge; cafe; internet room & restaurant specialising in seafood meals. There are 4 suites & 10 rooms with bathroom; A/C; TV & telephone. Your visit will certainly be a journey through the ages

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